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Convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations (ppt, pptx) and make them easy to read on any device

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How to convert PDF files to PPT?

Select the desired files in PDF format and move them to the download box on this page. The result can be downloaded in a couple of seconds.

High quality presentation

The resulting file in the presentation format will match the original quality of downloaded documents in PDF format.

Conversion will only take a couple of seconds

You do not have to wait a minute - converting from PDF to PPT will take no more than a few seconds.

Security is the main criterion

We understand how important it is to preserve the confidentiality of documents. All files uploaded by users are deleted from the cloud one hour after the work is completed.

Work with any OS

You can download files from any device, and the preinstalled operating system does not matter - the service is compatible with all existing OS's.

Convert in the cloud

Processing does not require downloading and installing additional software. This is very convenient: everything is converted in the cloud, and for use only a browser is needed.

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Convert PDF to PPT