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How do I rotate a PDF file and save the result?

Download the source document in PDF format in the application download window, use the mouse to rotate pages to 90, 180 or 360 degrees. After automatic saving, load the result.

Immediately save changes

You do not need to perform additional manipulations to save. All changes are automatically saved to save your time.

Simple application work

No complicated rules of operation and unnecessary settings! The intuitive interface of the application makes the process of turning pages as easy as possible.

Safe rotation

The data downloaded to the server and the resulting files are automatically deleted one hour after you end the session.

Compatibility with different platforms

The operating system installed on your computer, laptop or tablet does not matter - you only need a browser to rotate the files.

Rotate PDF in the Cloud

The result is uploaded, processed and transmitted on a cloud server. Download additional software and install it on your device is no longer necessary!

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Rotate PDF