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Convert PowerPoint presentations (ppt, pptx) to PDF and make them easy to read on any device

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How to convert PPT format to PDF?

To load the original document in the PPT format, drag it to the boot block and wait for the end of automatic processing, then save the result.

Converting is easy

To process files, you do not need to master complex programs and customize the application. Just download the source, and it's converted to PDF automatically.

Support for both versions

Using the application, you can convert files in two existing formats, both PPT and PPTX.

Full Security Guarantee

Nobody will get access to the downloaded and converted files - they will all be removed from the server in an hour.

Work with any OS

No compatibility problems! The application supports all operating systems, you just need to install any browser to work.

Cloud Assistant

All work is done by the cloud server. The performance of your device will remain at the same level.

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Convert PPT to PDF