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How can I convert a PNG file to JPG?

To convert the image format from PNG to JPG, simply upload the original file into a special form by dragging it with the mouse.

A simple tool for converting

Now you do not need to install third-party software on the device and configure it. The application requires a normal browser and Internet.

Convert PNG to JPG in a couple of clicks

You do not need any complicated settings and reading the instruction - the processing is done automatically, you just have to save the result.

Preserving Privacy

All files uploaded by users to the server are closed to third parties. Documents are automatically deleted from the server.

Cross-platform support

You can use the application to convert files from any device - the operating system does not play a significant role.

Operations in the Cloud

The conversion takes place online on a cloud server. The user's computer keeps its performance.

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Convert PNG to JPG