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How can I remove a password from a PDF file?

Move the PDF document. From which you need to remove the protection, in the download window of the application. The decryption will happen in the automatic mode.

High probability of success

Almost all PDF files protected by standard encryption can be opened. The application software will help to remove protection from most documents.

Easier password removal

You do not need to be a professional hacker to open a protected PDF file - just download the online application and the decryption will happen automatically.

100% Confidential

The files are processed in the cloud from which the user's documents are deleted one hour after the session is over.

Access from any platform

The operating system of your device does not matter - the processing is done in a regular browser without strict system requirements.

Deactivate protection in the cloud

The blocking of PDF files is done by the cloud server, so your computer retains its previous performance.

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Remove protection from PDF