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How to convert Excel spreadsheet to PDF?

Select the desired Excel file on your computer, click and hold, dragging it to the application download block.

Excel in PDF for one-two-three!

Processing documents takes a few seconds. You do not have to waste precious time on routine conversion.

Create PDF with one click

No need to make presets and other manipulations with the application - just load the file and save the result.

Secure Online Conversion

After downloading and converting, your files will be accessible only to you. An hour after the end of the session, an automatic deletion occurs.

Independence from OS

The platform of your device does not matter - the application is compatible with any operating system.

No load on the PC

Conversion does not require the installation of third-party software and the use of device resources. All you need is a browser. The operation is performed by the cloud server.

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Convert Excel to PDF