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How to convert CR2 to JPG?

To convert files in CR2 format to JPG images, you need to drag the source file into the download window on this page and save the result after processing.

Convert with ease

You do not need to waste time installing software and setting conversion options. Everything happens automatically in the cloud.

Stable Quality

On the output you will get a high-quality file in JPG format, corresponding to the source by 100%. And all this for a couple of seconds!

Security and Reliability

We do not store user files on the server for longer than an hour and do not share it with other people. The service guarantees 100% confidentiality.

Login from any device

You can convert files with the application from any platform, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. To work, you need a standard browser of any manufacturer.

No extra burden on the PC

The performance of your device will not be affected. All the work will be done by the cloud server, which quickly and easily cope with the task.

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Convert CR2 to JPG