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How do I compress a PDF?

Select the PDF file in the block above, after the download is finished, save the resulting file. It's easy!

Perfect Quality

Reduce your PDF file to 144dpi, very simple. This size is used on the Internet for downloading and sending via e-mail.

Convenient to use

Drag the file from the computer, wait for a few seconds to process the file, after the file is compressed, click the click. A quick way.

Security is guaranteed

Your PDF files are not stored on our servers, after conversion they are deleted in an hour after compression. In addition to you, no one has access to the file - 100% confidentiality!

Support for all platforms

Format Click is an Internet application that works on any platform and OS: Mac, Windows or Linux.

In the Cloud

Our service uses cloud technologies to compress your PDF files without using the resources of your PC.

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Compress PDF
Compress PDF online.